International Tabletop Day at Athena Games!

On the 30th of April I went down to Athena Games in Norwich for Geek and Sundry’s International Table Top Day. It was my second year of attending the event and I was looking forward to playing some new games. Before the store had even opened there was a crowd growing outside, with many people I knew from the local gaming community. It was great to see that so many gamers that couldn’t wait to get started!

As soon as the doors opened we went up to the first floor to check out the games that were on offer. There was everything from Star Wars X-wing to Dicemasters, from Colt express to 7 wonders and of course my favourite, Ticket to Ride.

Rufus is Rufus

The store was also running a tombola were you could win some games or gaming-related items; all you had to do was play three games! I ended up with two chances but will tell you how that went later…

There were a multitude of games demoed by the wonderful staff at Athena Games. Supported by a group of amazing people who had volunteered their time to demo the games they love.

The first game that caught our interest was Settlers of Catan, a classic gateway boardgame and a great way to start the day. My good friend Lewis got off to a great start with both the Largest Army and Longest Road.

But the tide started to turn when I took the longest road and managed to convince him to give me enough to build my third city that let me take home the win.

Photo Onti

Chris is a good friend of mine and it was nice to see how positive he was about all the X-Wing demoes he had done that day. I even got the chance to play at one point and though I lost I had a great time playing the game.

On a table just over from Chris was David, another of my good friends, he was demoing Ticket to Ride. As I mentioned earlier this is one of my favourite games and I was more than happy to have a go at this.


What I love about Ticket to Ride is the theme as well as the fact it is easy to learn, as it is to teach. Anyone can play and even though the three of us were already experienced, the game was still incredibly close.

Another thing I love about events such as this is that is brings people together. I played with friends, experienced gamers and relative newcomers. The chance to meet new people and have a good time while playing games is what the day is all about.

Watching good friends play Spyfall, seeing people attempt to build the mightiest empires in 7 Wonders or battle it out amongst the stars in Space Munchkin were just some of the highlights of the day.


Even as I was leaving there were still people playing games and having fun but before I left I decided to have a go at the tombola. I had three chances to find something but after all that I came away with nothing.

Well that’s not strictly true… I came away after having an incredible day of gaming at my friendly local gaming store. I got to play a load of games with old friends and made new ones.

I would just like to thank all the wonderful staff and volunteers who gave their time to demo all the games that were on offer. You made the day what it was and I can’t wait to see what happens next year!

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