Fan of cards used in Star Wars Destiny

Star Wars: Destiny – First Look

So this weekend saw a special launch event for Star Wars: Destiny. A brand new Star Wars game from Fantasy Flight Game (FFG). Being FFG, you could be forgiven for thinking this was going to be just another living card game (LCG) however you couldn’t be more wrong!

Wait? Not a living card game?

In a break from the usual FFG mould, Star Wars: Destiny is a collectable game meaning that there are booster packs rather than set expansions. Now I know this won’t be for everyone and FFG have done very well out of the LCG model. However I like this change as it opens up the potential for draft and sealed events. Back when they came up with the LCG model, there were loads of CCGs being produced trying to catch on to the success of Magic, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. The market is ready for another collectable game, especially one with a strong franchise.

Star Wars Destiny Booster

This is also a card and dice game. When I first saw this game, I thought it would be a game along a similar line of Dice Masters. Since playing the game, it is clear the dice play a different role. In Dice Masters, the dice are everything and what they roll determines everything. In Star Wars Destiny, they act more as resources or options and there are a lot of ways to use your dice to your advantage.

Mechanics that are easy to learn but tough to master

All the great CCGs have been simple to learn the basics of the game, in fact that is often the key to their success. The fact a player can pick up the game and start playing quickly. In fact, on the launch day most games only took a brief explanation of what players could do and most players picked things up quickly without much further help. You didn’t have to study a rule book (Mainly because the rules were more like a rule sheet than a book!). However the game was also difficult to master and working out what the optimal plays and builds will be is a part I am looking forward to.


Most of FFG’s Star Wars games have stayed away from the prequels. Now whilst those films weren’t always people’s favourites the chance to battle with Count Dooku, General Grievous and co is something I am looking forward to. The fact the game spreads over the whole saga also means that it has plenty of space to grow in to as the game progresses.

Fan of cards used in Star Wars Destiny

There are also some noticeable big names missing from the first booster set. After Chewbacca and Boba Fett? Well unfortunately you will have to wait. The temptation can be to release all the big names in early on, however that often means they get left behind as designer try to make sure the game isn’t dominated by the big names early on.

Is this my Destiny?

Star Wars: Destiny is a game I am really enjoying at the moment and looking forward to its general release at the beginning of December. Look out for more articles in the coming weeks as we take a look at some gameplay and talk through the first set and some cool things you can try. In the meantime check out this video tutorial of how to play from Fantasy Flight Games:

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