New Releases: 12th – 16th December

New Releases 12th December – 16th December

This week’s new releases has a lot of games receiving some support in the form of expansion packs. A new RPG launches and the Merc with a mouth arrives in Marvel Dice Masters.

Table Top Games



Game Board Extension – £10.99

Metal Coins Upgrade Pack – £27.99

Invaders from Afar – £27.99

Sythe get’s several new expansions this week. First up we have some presentation upgrades to the game: a Game Board Extension which provides a larger board so that the base game doesn’t become as cluttered. There is also a metal coins upgrade pack for sale that replaces the coins in the game with metal coins for the avid board game collector.

Invaders from Afar brings two brand new factions to the base game of Scythe creating more replayability options for the game.

King of New York: Power Up Expansion – £15.49

This supplement provides a new tactical edge to the already tense game of King of New York, and King of Tokyo. The existing characters gain a set of evolution cards that give access to fantastic and sometimes violent powers that could tip the scales of power in your favour. It also introduces a brand new character into the game: Mega Shark! Now all I need is Crocosaurus and I am good to go!

Munchkin Pathfinder: Truly Gobnoxious Expansion – £5.99

This small booster expansion for Munchkin adds 10 new monster guards and 5 new goblin-related treasures into the game. Most likely these will be the crown of your goblin horde.

Small World: River World Expansion – £21.99

River World introduces a new map to the popular game, Small World. Players must build and defend their harbours as they fight for control over the very cramped map of Small World. Although be aware, I hear there are pirates that sail those waters.

Pandemic: The Cure: Experimental Meds Expansion – £46.99

Just when you thought things could not get any worse in Pandemic The Cure, Experimental Meds introduces a fifth virus. You must work with your comrades to stop this virus before it spreads over the entire world. However, you best be careful about those Hot Zones or they could spiral out of control and cause even more chaos for you. Thankfully, to aid in your quest you have a selection of new medical experts to choose from.


Kodama 2nd Edition – £19.99

You are the caretakers for Kodama, the tree spirits. Your job is to care for the forest as it grows and make sure it stays a healthy and lush home for the spirits and other friends. Over the seasons you must cultivate trees that please the Kodama, whether it be picking a tree with the right flowers, or insects. Even the right branch arrangement can please your Kodama.


Welcome Back to the Dungeon – £12.99

Time to push your luck! You’ve encountered a damaged dungeon door that seems like it has seen some hardships over the years. This is the dungeon everyone talks about in the village, surely there would be some great loot inside, but most likely monsters too. Maybe you can get one of your comrades to open the door first and face the monster, but you need to make sure it doesn’t look like you are scared…let the adventure begin…


La Granja No Siesta – £29.99

This is a standalone dice game that is the spiritual follow up to La Granja. Players collect resources to cross them off their score sheet to earn themselves victory points. The old adage goes “spend money, to make money” and it does apply in this game as you can hire helpers to use special effects. This isn’t just a game of numbers, it’s about working smart, not hard. Whoever collects the most resources in the most effective and efficient way will win the game. Just be sure to work in a siesta somewhere into your gaming fun, everyone needs a break now and then.

Sola Fide: The Reformation – £49.99


Adrenaline – £47.99

Adrenaline is a classic first person shooter reimagined in board game form. I won’t go over all the details here as you can read more about this featured game this week in an article by Chris Turner.

Collectable and Card Games


Dice Masters: Deadpool – £1.00 per booster

Okay nerds, I’m taking over this article from this entry because Elliot’s original piece about me was booooooring!

Check me out I have my own booster in a collectable dice game; Otherwise known as a release valve for your wallet. In these packs, you can get many different characters, but I know what you want! You want me, the Merc With a Mouth. I’m waiting somewhere in this box, let’s see if you can find me.

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Divine Dragon Caper – £2.65 per booster

Cardfight!! Vanguard returns this week with the Divine Dragon Caper booster expansion, which provides support for clans like Angel Feather, Shadow Paladin, Narukami, Spike Brothers, Gear Chronicle, and Aqua Force.

Roleplaying Games


The Dark Eye RPG

Core Rules – £41.99

Dice Cup with 8 d20’s – £19.99

Advantages & Disadvantages Card Pack – £9.99

Combat & Special Abilities Card Pack – £9.99

Spells & Rituals Card Pack – £9.99

Liturgies & Ceremonies Card Pack – £7.99

The Dark Eye is a new table top roleplaying game with a fantasy setting. The big draw of The Dark Eye RPG is that there is no set class systems, but there are professions allowing for less constrained character creation with limitless potential. It’s also touted as a much more grounded fantasy setting, with the characters not being super powered individuals and much more vulnerable to a group of enemies that might realistically pose a threat.

It’s also touted as a much more grounded fantasy setting, with the characters not being super powered individuals and much more vulnerable to a group of enemies that might realistically pose a threat.

The card packs allow for quick reference to particular stats and skills and also present an alternative for players who cannot afford to get their own core book but wish to have information about their character on hand for reference.


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