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New Releases Out This Week 28th November – 2nd December

This Friday has come around so fast, it seems like just yesterday I was here in my office preparing for Blood Bowls release. Well this week saw the start of December and along with it, our Advent Extravaganza, be sure to check this event every day to see what is on offer. And now on to the new releases!


Table Top Games

We have a lot of new releases in terms of table top games this week.

Board Games New Releases - Pandemic Iberia, Unusual Suspects

Pandemic: Iberia – £46.9

A game that needs no introduction, Pandemic is a modern day classic. However, this time it gets a classical makeover as we travel back to 1848 where players must fill the shoes of a number of roles as they attempt to cure Iberia of historic diseases such as malaria, typhus, yellow fever, and cholera. This game is great not just for a Pandemic fan, but also a fan of history-themed games.

Unusual Suspects – £27.99

Unusual Suspects is a party deduction and murder-mystery game, albeit without a murder. One player plays a witness to a robbery. However, he cannot remember what the thief looked like, but he does remember their habits. Asking questions the remaining players must eliminate potential suspects in order to find out who the guilty culprit is and cuff him once and for all.

Mage Wars Arena: Lost Grimoire Volume 1 – £19.99

A small box expansion for the beloved Mage Wars Arena, adds 108 spells to the game. A simple expansion for a complex and deep game.


New Releases - The Goonies, Munchkin Pathfinder, Chocobo Crystal Hunt

The Goonies Adventure Card Game – £32.99

What is it with beloved 80’s movies being turned into board games lately? This week The Goonies jump from the big screen to a big box in Adventure Card Game. It is a cooperative game where you must work together to bypass obstacles, find secret paths, and defeat foes on your way to finding One-Eyed Willy’s treasure.

Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt – £16.75

If Final Fantasy XV hasn’t bored you to death yet, try picking up this lovable little card game. Instruct your adorable Chocobo’s to steal your opponents crystals, but be warned as your opponents have their eyes on your crystals as well.

Munchkin Pathfinder: Guest Artist Edition – £29.99

Nothing much to say about Munchkin Pathfinder: Guest Artist Edition, it’s pretty much the same as the original but now features guest art from Shane White, known for his art in the Pathfinder: Goblins comic series.

New Releases Featuring Fog of War and Deus Egypt

Deus Egypt – £22.99

The first expansion for the civilization based game, Deus. This expansion pack gives you access to Egypt (funnily enough) as one of civilizations you can take control of in place of those in the base game.

Treasure Lair – £24.99

Form a party of intrepid adventurers to travel into the treasure lair and come back with the booty, but the trials to get there require different skills so make sure you choose wisely.

The Fog of War -£59.99

This two player strategic game takes place during World War II and focuses on the European theatre of that war. One player takes command of the Allied forces while the other leads the Axis forces. This isn’t a game of direct combat, oh no, no, no. This game is about planning and intelligence as you manoeuvre your spies and gather what little intel you can to make sure you can repel an enemy attack. At the same time you must plan your own operations against the enemy while making sure they are not made away of the plan. Remember, loose lips sink ships.


Thunderbirds: The Hood – £24.99

This expansion to the amazing base game turns the entire game on its head as now a player can take on the role as The Hood himself and act against the other players, creating problems and capturing agents from international rescue. Will International Rescue save the day, or will they fall to the Hood’s evil schemes?

Castle Panic: Engines of War – £17.99

This small expansion adds a brand new character to the game; The Engineer. The Engineer can use resource cards to build catapults, ballistas, barricades and a lot more to assist in defending the castle from the oncoming horde. You’ll need these devices too, since the enemy has brought their own toys to play with.

Dice City: By Royal Decree – £27.99

Prepare for the arrival of her Royal Majesty. The Queen has taken an interest in the cities you are constructing, and anything you do may have her looking over your shoulder. Can you compete to earn the title of capital city while under her watchful gaze?


Collectable and Card Games


Star Wars Destiny
Starter Pack – £13.99
Booster Box – £95 or £2.99 per pack.

It’s finally arrived, Fantasy Flight Games’ (FFG) Star Wars Destiny is a collectable dice game where you bring heroes and villains across the saga to do battle with each other. Our launch event for this was highly successful and we look forward to holding Star Wars Destiny events in 2017. Boosters are £2.99 each, or £95 for an entire box of boosters.


Pokémon EX Boxes – £18.99 each

We have some brand new EX boxes for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, featuring MewTwo, Kangaskhan, Dragonite, and Gengar.


Pokémon TCG: 2016 World Championship Decks – £11.99

If you are interested in looking at what decks won events over the 2016 world championship, you can now buy the entire deck for a low price of £11.99.


The Lord of the Rings The Card Game: The Sands of Harad expansion – £27.99

LCG’s also got a little love this month with the release of the Sands of Harad, the sixth deluxe expansion for the Lord of the Rings card game. This expansion introduces three new scenarios that focus on exploration and discovery. So assemble your party, and don’t forget to bring a hobbit or two.

A Game of Thrones: There is My Claim Chapter Pack – £13.99

In true Game of Thrones fashion, everyone dies in this expansion as we get some new cards, the most interesting among them is Valar Morghulis, which when revealed kills all characters currently in play, how thematic.


Roleplaying Games


Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master Screen – Storm King’s Thunder – £8.99

No Dungeon Master should be without this product, it offers quick guides and references that are useful for any DM, as well as specific advice for those running the Storm Kings Thunder adventure.



Colt Express Play Mat – £15.99

Add a bit of colour and flare to your Colt Express experience with the official playmat.

Sneak Peek To Next Week…

We have a brand new board game coming out called “New Angels” which is a board game set in the Android universe where players must fight for control over the megacorporations and then use your newly found power to create more power, influence, and wealth. Citadels is getting a brand new edition. We also introduce Star Trek Acendency to the store and those are just three of the games coming out next week

A lot of new items for card games such as Pokémon, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Force of Will to name but a few.

I’ll see you next time everyone!

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