New Releases: 19th – 23rd December

New Releases 19th December – 23rd December

Greetings gamers! Happy Friday, and Merry Christmas! Naturally, with it being just before Christmas you might think that we have a lot of new releases this week. You would be wrong. This is the time of the year when releases slow down in preparation for Christmas and New Years. Don’t close down this page just yet though because we have some quality releases this week that I am going to take you through.

Table Top Games

Troyes -£37.99

Troyes is an area control dice game for 1 to 4 players set in the titular city of Troyes. Players fight for influence over the city by using dice and cards to interact with each other. Victory can be achieved through various methods so there is not one way to win. This is particularly true thanks to the role cards players are given at the start of the game. These role cards have secret objectives players can work towards for more points.

Legendary Encounters – Alien Expansion – £39.99

This expansion for Legendary Encounters brings everything that any fan of the Alien franchise could want to augment their deck-building experience. There are 400 new cards all featuring original artwork. In addition, the box comes with brand new characters for the game that follow the Alien theme of the box. This expansion also includes a playmat that allows someone to play as the Alien Queen herself.

Liars Dice 30th Anniversary Edition – £27.99

Liars Dice is a game that sounds simple in practice but is much more complex when you look into the psychology of the game. The game can be played with 2 to 6 players and games can be very short and never go on longer than half an hour.

Each player is given a cup of 5 dice and everyone rolls their dice at the same time, keeping the dice obscured with the cup. Players check their results and then bid on how many results they think are on the table. For example, someone may say “I think there are seven ‘fives’ on the table.”

This carries on, with each bid being higher than the last until a player is called a ‘liar’. Either the accuser or the liar will lose a dice depending on the actual results and play continues until there is one player with dice left in the game.

Liars Dice is a simple game that can be played very quickly and is easy to pick up.

Power Grid: The Card Game – £19.99

Power is the name of the game in this bidding card game designed for 2 to 6 players. Players take turns bidding on different power plants at auction as well as purchasing different resources to power that power plant. By producing power, the players will earn money that they can then use to purchase new power plants and more resources. It is very important that they manage their money and consider the return they will get on their investment. At the end of the game, the player who’s power plants are producing the most power will be the winner, with money acting as bonus points.

The Manhatten Project: Energy Empire – £64.99

This game is part of the Manhatten Project universe but is not an expansion. This self-contained game is a worker placement and resource management dice game for 1 to 5 players. Every player represents a different nation of the world that is struggling to produce power for their citizens. Each round players can either assign workers to locations to gain resources, activate special abilities, or gain specific goals you can work toward. Alternatively, they can recall their workers and generate power to get victory points, this is a very immediate result but could result in penalties if you cause more pollution.

Players will have to make sure they place their workers wisely and know when to generate power or collect resources if they want to get the most victory points.

DOOM –  £73.99

The big release this week is DOOM! Based on the popular video game of the same name, Doom is a 2-5 player asymmetrical grid movement combat game. One player will take on the role of the invader while the remaining players are the marines that are trying to complete objectives one of the games two operations. The invader has demons at their disposal and is trying to destroy the marines to win the game.

Last week, we reviewed Adrenaline and discussed how well it translated the first person experience for a board game format. It’s fascinating to see another game attempt this and bring a well-known franchise to the table top.


Star Wars Armada Wave 5

Star Wars Armada had a big release this week with Wave 5 going on sale. We did an unboxing live on our twitch page. You can find the recording of this unboxing on our YouTube channel.

The Corellian Conflict Campaign Expansion (not pictured) – £27.99

The Corellian Conflict is something truly new to Armada, a campaign expansion that features a fold-out map and the instructions to run a campaign over several game sessions. Future matches are impacted by the results of the last and you could find yourself with an advantage in your next game because although you took heavy damage, you did meet the objective.

The pack also contains new objectives for the base game and brand new fighter squadrons that add unique squadrons and heroes to the game such as Rogue Squadron, Maarek Stele, and more.

Phoenix Home Expansion Pack – £27.99

The Phoenix Home made it’s debut in the Star Wars Rebels TV show. This is a small base ship for armada that while fragile has a lot of utility. The main purpose of the ship seems to be that of a carrier that buffs and deploys fighters in the middle of combat. This gives Rebels a unique ship in the game to rival the Imperial Interdictor.

Imperial Light Cruiser Expansion Pack – £18.99

Once again, the Imperial Light Cruiser is a ship we have seen before. It first appeared in Star Wars The Clone Wars and more recently in Star Wars Rebels. The Imperial Light Cruiser adds another small ship for the Empire to field. This is strange for a faction that usually relies more on much larger brute force ships.

Rebel Fighter Squadrons II – £18.99

The Rebel Fighter Squadrons II expansion brings lots of new options for squadrons into the game. Coming with generic squadrons and hero units for the Z-95 Headhunter and E-Wing. Plus it adds new signature ships into the game such as the Shadow Caster, and The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels.

Imperial Fighter Squadrons II – £18.99

Not to be left out, the Imperial Navy receives some brand new support for squadrons. This includes TIE Defenders, TIE Phantoms, VT-49 Decimators, and Lambda Shuttles. These ships give the Empire the best of both worlds between the speed and swarming TIE Fighters, and the power of TIE Bombers. This is a must have set for any Imperial player.

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