New Releases: 5th – 9th December

New Releases 5th December – 9th December

Happy Friday, everyone. The weekend is almost here and along with our weekly report on the new releases Athena Games.

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Table Top Games

Citadels, The Walking Dead, New Angels

Citadels – £27.99

Citadels is a classic that has been around for awhile now, but today it receives a new coat of paint. The 2016 edition of Citadels features all the characters from the original base game, and it’s expansion Dark City, as well as some brand new characters. It offers a complete and improved experience, great for owners of the original or newcomers to the game.

The Walking Dead: All Out War – £34.99

This game is based on the popular comic book series of the same name. Players compete against each other for resources on the board all while trying to avoid attracting the attention of the walkers, which are run by an AI system. Due to this, it is possible to play the game in solitaire mode.

New Angeles – £54.99

New Angeles is a fantastic board game set in the Android universe, in most Android products you are usually playing the small guy against the big mega-corporations. However, in this game players take on the role as CEO of one of the mega-corporations that reside in the city of New Angeles. Using power, money, and influence you must create more power, money, and influence! Eventually proving who is most successful (and cutthroat) megacorp in the city.

The Dragon & Flagon, Battle for Greyport

The Dragon & Flagon – £54.99

The titular tavern is renowned for ‘The Dragon’, a drink that supposedly has the properties to give heroes fantastic powers and abilities. Unfortunately, disaster has struck as only one flagon is left. Grab your weapons and make sure your spells are memorised for this bar brawl has two objectives. Get a taste of that mythical drink, and prove that you are the greatest fighter the tavern has ever seen!

The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport – £44.99

After a bash at the Dragon & Flagon, there’s nothing like stumbling to the Red Dragon Inn for some mead and stories. The problem is as you march into Greyport you find the city under attack! You and your fellow players must work together to assemble a deck to best the monsters using a variety of characters and recruitable heroes. This game also includes new characters for use in the original Red Dragon Inn game!

Robinson Crusoe, SW Carcassonne, and Legendary Inventors

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island – £54.99

Like Citadels, this is rerelease of 2012’s Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island. The game is still an amazing co-operative experience with the shipwrecked players having to find shelter, food and live the life of a castaway, all while trying to discover the secret of the cursed island.

What is new though? Well the game comes in a much larger box which is needed because the resources are now wooden pieces, the boards are much thicker and the rulebook has been rewritten entirely and has a 7th scenario thrown in for good measure. I hadn’t heard of the game until today, and I really want to pick this up and give it a try.

Star Wars Carcassonne – £24.99

When it comes to board games, Carcassonne is up there in the top 10 of all time. Star Wars is also an extremely popular series and so it makes sense that the two would eventually mix. This gives the classic game a Star Wars makeover as you attempt to shape the galaxy in a way that suits you.

Legendary Inventors – £27.99

Legendary Inventors has each player controlling a group of four inventors. This group must compete against their rivals to patent and improve their inventions across three different ages. The team that has patented the most inventions or has the smartest inventor is the winning team.

Kanagawa, Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, Around the world in 80 days.

Kanagawa – £24.99

This Japanese themed game is set in 1840 Kanagawa. In this game, you play one of the disciples of renowned painter Katsushika Hokusa. As one of the disciples, you want to prove yourself to the Master and must expand your studio create works of art. However, you must pay attention to the changing seasons to make sure your work is harmonious. A highly recommended game for anyone, particularly those fond of history and art.

Aladdin & the Magic Lamp – £23.99

The name of the game is: don’t be greedy. Players must compete to collect sets of treasures from three different chests. Each round players will use a dice to determine which chest they will take items from, and how many items. However, if they draw too many they may not get anything at all as scorpions sting their hand. If you are lucky, in some circumstances you may be able to call upon the Genie to assist you.

Around the World in 80 Days – £35.99

You have just left on a voyage to prove that it is possible to circumnavigate the world in less than 80 days. It just so happens at the very same time £50,000 has been stolen from the Bank of England! To prove your innocence you must arrive in London not only first but with no rumour cards, and less than £10 in your pocket. Sounds easy right? Well not so much, moving quickly drains your money so fast that you may find yourself stranded! You must bide your time and pick your moment to move.

Collectable and Card Games

Yu-Gi-Oh, Vanguard, and Netrunner items.

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Ritual of Dragon Sorcery Trial Deck – £15.99

This preconstructed deck of 52 cards contains support for the Shadow Paladin clan and introduces the ‘Ritual’ keyword into the game. It also features 17 brand new cards, some of which are used by Kazuma Shouji from Cardfight!! Vanguard G: NEXT.

Yu-Gi-Oh Invasion: Vengeance Special Edition – £8.59

This pack contains 3 Invasion: Vengeance Boosters, 1 of 2 super rares, and 1 of 2 super rare preview cards from the upcoming Raging Tempest set.

Android: Netrunner Martial Law Data Pack – £13.99

Martial Law brings 60 new cards into the game. These cards possibly could shake up the entire meta with two new current cards, one for each runners and corps. Interdiction being the one that was previewed lately, that could throw the spanner in the works for any corp attempting to put a roadblock in the runner’s path.


Pokémon boxes

Meloetta Mythical Collection – £12.99

Meloetta, the muse Pokemon. Buying this pack will get you the titular Pokémon in a brand new foil promo card, as well as a collectors pin. Of course, you also get two boosters from the Generations expansion.

XY Evolutions Elite Trainer Box – £39.99

The ultimate box for any Pokémon TCG fan. This lovely box comes in two variants, one featuring Mega Blastoise, or Mega Charizard. Inside the amazing box, you’ll find 8 XY evolutions booster packs, 65 card sleeves featuring the cover Pokémon, 45 energy cards, 6 damage-counter dice, 1 coin, and 2 acrylic condition markers! Plus, the box has dividers so you can keep your collection organised.



Thousand Sons models

We also received some amazing new items for Warhammer 40K this week, focusing on the Thousand Sons.

Thousand Sons: Tzaangors – £24.75

Thousand Sons: Scarab Occult Terminators – £31.50

Thousand Sons: Rubric Marines – £27.00

Magnus the Red, and Wrath of Magnus

Thousand Sons: Magnus the Red – £72.00

War Zone Fenris: Wrath of Magnus – £40.50



Dragonshield items.

This week we add some new Dragon Shield products to the mix:

Dragon Shield Perfect Fits – £4.50

Available in two colours: Smoke and Clear

Dragon Shield Matte: Petrol – £6.99


Sneak Peek To Next Week…

Coming up this week we have the release of Adrenaline, a game we previewed a month ago. Speaking of, we will have an article by Chris Turner about the game going out next week.

Small World gets bigger, with the brand new River World expansion.

Finally, everyone’s favourite dice game; Dice Master’s get a bit more meta as the merc with a mouth, Deadpool, arrives.

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