New Releases 2nd – 6th January

New Releases 2nd – 6th January

Happy new year to all our customers, and Athenians out there. We hoped you had fun over the Christmas holiday period and that you had an opportunity to play some new games. We are back, we are ready to rumble and we have some new releases to go through. Let’s jump right in.

Table Top Games

Aeon’s End -£49.99

Aeon’s End is a co-operative fantasy deck-building game. Players are fighting one enemy, a large creature of unimaginable power that is threatening the very city of survivors that escaped the last invasion aeons ago. Players must select their characters and then work together to not only protect the town but also destroy the monster.

Mistfall: Hearts of the Mist – £49.99

Heart of the Mist is a standalone expansion to Mistfall, which is a co-operative fantasy card game. This is fantastic if you are a new player or a longtime fan of Mistfall because you DO NOT need the base game of Mistfall to get a complete experience out of Mistfall: Hearts of the Mist. However, if you do have the base game, it acts as an expansion pack to Mistfall. Players choose a character with a fixed deck of equipment and particular power cards and playthrough a randomly created environment every time. This makes the game infinitely replayable with different encounters happening in different locations. Beware, as you are racing against time to stop a great evil from awakening and the more time you waste, the more the darkness grows.

Hearts of Mists Expansion: Sand & Snow – £18.99

This expansion for Hearts of the Mist adds 110 brand new cards to the game which can be added in sets or just thrown in. It introduces new enemies, new reward cards, new powers and allies. A great companion to the Hearts of the Mist game.

Collectable and Card Games

Cardfight!! Vanguard Revival Collection 2016 Boosters – £3.75

This revival pack is a ‘greatest hits’ pack, featuring popular cards from previous releases that you might have missed. Such as Holy Dragon, Sanctuary, and Great Angel, Doom Brace.

Roleplaying Games

Star Wars Age of Rebellion: Friends Like These – £23.99

Star Wars has been very big in the news thanks to the release of Rogue One, and now the Roleplaying game from Fantasy Flight gets some love. This new adventure book has the players defending a super secret shipyard of the Rebel Alliance from the impending Imperial invasion. It’s up to the players to gather allies and prepare defences for an all out battle. Thankfully players will have the help of one of the Rebel Alliances greatest allies: The Mandalorians. This book not only features a full 96-page adventure, but also three new planets, new NPC’s and even a new species to play as; Mandalorian Human.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen – £19.99

Nobility is something that should attainable by every man and woman through noble deeds and grand adventures. Surely you have been on some fantastic trails and in spots of bother before? Well, then you should talk about them! It is for the good and betterment of society that everyone hears your fantastic tale. What’s that, you and your crew bested One-Legged Jack? I find that hard to believe m’lord since One-Legged Jack was incarcerated and executed earlier this year? Oh, you forgot to mention that it was the GHOST of One-Legged Jack I see! I too have had a run in with this villain, but I managed to best him and his crew. Single-handedly. One hand tied behind my back. With only a breadknife!

Tall tales and embellishment is the name of the game in The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Just remember, the rules state you must be as brazen as possible when telling your fantastic (but absolutely, completely true in every possible way) story. Just be careful, players might catch you out with arguments and you may end up swallowing your pride or having to adjust your story.

Dark Eye RPG: The Vampire of Havena (not pictured) – £16.99

This unusual adventure for the Dark Eye RPG is a ‘solo-adventure’ that allows for a single character to be taken through a dark tale involving your character being trapped in the dockyards of Havena and having to unravel the mystery of who wants you killed. It will take all your skills to get away from your pursuers.

Dark Eye RPG: Aventurian Bestiary – £24.99

As with most RPG’s horrifying monsters lurk in all kinds of environments whether they be arid deserts, humid jungles, or dangerous swamps. This book comes with everything you need to introduce 40 brand new terrifying monsters and dangerous animals that can challenge even the most powerful parties around. Be careful you don’t get too close to these creatures, they have all manner of poisonous fangs, and razor sharp claws to dispatch their opponents with ease.


Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game

It’s no surprise that with the introduction of new ships, thanks to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, has lead to their introduction into the X-Wing Miniatures game.

To celebrate the release of these brand new ships, we did an unboxing stream where Robin Farndon, David Lincoln, and Max Bull unboxed both the brand new U-Wing and TIE Striker.

U-Wing Expansion Pack – £27.99

The U-Wing is primarily a troop transport, and in a game about space combat it may sound like an odd inclusion. However, this ship comes with some interesting pilots with unique abilities, and fantastic upgrades that make this large base ship an interesting support-assault craft for the game.

TIE Striker – £13.99

The TIE Striker is not as defensive as most standard TIE Fighters. Though, it can pack one hell of a punch with its 3 dice primary weapon attack. While usually very slow, the Adaptive Ailerons card allows these ships to become ultra manoeuvrable on the battlefield. This makes predicting the movement of these ships extremely difficult, and the ships cheap point cost means we’ll be seeing them a lot.

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