New Releases 20th – 26th February

New Releases 20th – 26th February

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus, it has been very busy here in the last few weeks. However, we are back and giving you an insight into the latest releases that you can find at the store.

Table Top Games

Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures – £41.99

There’s nothing I like more than a good mystery, and this standalone expansion provides quite the tantalising one. It is meant to supplement the favourite mystery game Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. Inside the box, you will find a total of sixteen brand new cases that you must solve in Victorian London. Four of the cases revolve around the infamous murders committed by serial killer Jack the Ripper.

This game has fantastic co-operative based mechanics that will have you always guessing. Come, Turner, the game is afoot!


Elder Sign: Omens of the Deep Expansion – £24.99

If there is anything Subnautica and other underwater based games have taught me, it’s that everything in the ocean is out to kill you. Elder Signs: Omens of the Deep reinforces that thought with the added effect that you’ll go insane before whatever is down there kills you. Elder Sign is a cooperative press your luck dice game set in the Arkham Horror universe. This expansion throws open the doors of the museum and extends the boarding ramp to The Ultima Thule sailing ship. Your journey to the depths of the Pacific to fight off the evil that rests there starts now.
Furthermore, the expansion doesn’t just add new locations, but enhances all areas of gameplay with new items, spells, investigators, and even an entirely new game mode called “R’lyeh Rising”.

Cosmic Encounter – £54.99

Cosmic Encounters is a strategy game for 3 to 5 players. The players are each tasked with building a galactic empire to rival everyone else. At the start of the game, everyone chooses a different alien species. This species is the race that you will take from a small collection of cities to a vast Empire. However, to do that, you will need to negotiate, placate and sometimes exterminate anyone that gets in your way.

Forged Alliances, bargaining agreements, and inevitably, broken promises will mar your hyperspace journey to victory.

Just Desserts: Better with Bacon Expansion – £5.00

 Let’s get to the meat of the matter; this is an expansion for Just Desserts. The main course is a set-collecting card game where you are competing to feed the most guests in your restaurant. Guests have tastes they like and also dislike. You have to give the appropriate tasting item to the guest while avoiding having to give them something they don’t like.
The Better with Bacon expansion adds six new items to the menu and opens the doors to four new customers. It also adds a whole new taste category: bacon. Just be sure to keep the bacon away from the vegetarian.

Vikings Gone Wild – £39.99

Based on the popular strategy game of the same name, Vikings Gone Wild is a deck building, resource management game. Using cards, you must build your stronghold up and raise an army to defend it. Players win the game by defeating the opponent; the problem is you only know your size and strength. The defence strength of a stronghold is kept a secret to other players, and so you must do a bit of bluffing if you want to stay alive.

If you wish to give Vikings Gone Wild a try, come down to our Big Board Game Blowout on Sunday 5th March, where a member of our staff will be demonstrating the game.

Stellar Conflict – £19.99

Stellar Conflict is a strategy card game with real-time elements for two to four players. First, players select the alien race they will play as, and players will agree on how big the battle will be. After being given their fleets, players will deploy ships into the combat zone to do battle with their enemies. Every ship has different stats and abilities.

Every ship has different stats and abilities which will effect the rounds of combat that take place. Stellar Conflict is fast, fun, and is perfect for a small game to take on the go with you.

Eclipse – £64.99

Some say that peace is merely the absence of war, and some claim that peace never lasts. Eclipse seeks to prove just that. Eclipse is a science fiction civilisation based game for two to six players. Every player takes on the role of leading a civilisation in a galactic community ravaged by a past war. Peace does not exist, there is merely an absence of war. Treaties are being made behind closed doors, alliances formed and broken as a galaxy that stood together is about to be divided.

You are competing to be the dominant superpower in the galaxy. To accomplish this you must explore, research, build, and conquer.

Collectable and Card Games

Yu-Gi-Oh Fusion Enforcers Booters – £3.45 per pack or 3 for £10

This new set for the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card game introduces cards that provide support for the following archetypes: Edge Imp, Fluffal, Frightfur, Fusion, Performapal, Predap, Predaplant and Polymerization. Furthermore, this set introduces the brand new “Invoked” archetype.

Android: Netrunner: Daedalus Complex Data Pack – £14.99

Another set for Android: Netrunner has arrived. This set introduces 20 new cards into the game to supplement any runner or corporation deck.

Lycanroc-GX Pokémon Box – £19.99

This new Pokémon box contains two Lycanroc GX promo cards, a standard sized card and a jumbo card to be displayed proudly by any Pokémon master. Plus, you get 4 booster packs in this box.

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