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Gaming News Roundup Including GAMA Announcements

This week has seen some massive gaming news ranging from new board game announcements to a new race for Age of Sigmar. This is the pick of the news coming out of the GAMA trade show in Las Vegas as well as some items that have been announced in the last few.

Miniature Games

Games Workshop

It wasn’t too long ago that Games Workshop avoided trade shows and certainly didn’t use them for big announcement. However that has all changed and GW treated us to a whole heap of announcements with more to come at AdeptiCon.

The first announcement was for a new self-contained box set called Shadow War Armageddon. The ruleset for this game is based off the old Necromunda game and sees the Orks take on the Blood Angels. Perhaps one of the best things about the set is the scenery which is fully modular and looks awesome!

Next, the long rumoured aetherpunk duardin(dwarf) faction was revealed for Age of Sigmar called Kharadron Overlords. If you are interested in airships and a pirate sort of the me then definitely check them out!

Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire Box

The final announcement we still don’t know that much about. Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire is described as a fast-paced game of tactical arena combat. And GW are apparently planning an organised play program to go alongside this game.

Fantasy Flight Games Add To X-Wing and Armada

Fantasy Flight Games also had some big miniatures announcements  with new waves announced for X-Wing and Armada games.

X-Wing Wave XI Ships

Wave XI for X-Wing brings Auzituck Gunship, Scurrg H-6 Bomber and TIE Aggressor to the battlefield. It includes the first dual faction ship and double-slotted upgrades are back to give some powerful effects at a higher cost.

Star Wars Armarda Wave VI

A small announcement for wave VI of Armada has also surfaced. The Hammerhead has raised questions of whether it will bring ramming to the game. Will FFG be adding to this wave like before? Only time will tell.

Cool Mini Or Not (CMON) Announce A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game

Yes! We are finally getting A Game of Thrones based miniatures game. Perhaps one of the biggest announcements from GAMA sees CMON team up with Dark Sword Miniatures to bring the series of books to life. Due to be on Kickstarter later this year before hitting shops around March 2018. The first starter set sees the Starks take on the Lannisters.

It is interesting to see CMON push this as a miniatures game instead of their normal board game plus miniatures. If you are interested then check out this video from Watch It Played to get all the info:

Guild Ball

Steamforged Games announced that changes are coming to Guild Ball starter teams. Starting with the Farmers Guild, they will be coming in pre-assembled plastics with a model for the goal and a unique scenery piece.

TANKS Heads to Africa

Following the same route as Flames of War, Tanks is heading to North Africa with the next wave to be released. Bringing support for the British and the Germans, expect them to land around May/June this year.

Board Games

Eric Lang Joins CMON

Sticking with CMON, Eric Lang is due to be joining CMON as Director of Game Design. Awesome news if you are a fan of CMON games as Eric Lang has been the designer of a variety of great games including Blood Rage, Game of Thrones LCG and Dice Masters.

Czech Games Edition Upcoming Releases

Czech Games used GAMA to show off some of their upcoming releases. Codenames Duet is a co-operative version of the popular Codenames series which sees players work together to find all the agents on a grid. Adrenaline also sees an expansion that adds a 6th player, team modes and a new damage mechanic! Other announcements included a new Galaxy Trucker game called Rocky Road and an expansion for Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilisation.

Shadowrun Games

A new board game has been announced for Shadowrun… It may sound familiar to you as Shadowrun was originally meant to get a game in 2014. Shadowrun: The Board Game is an upcoming adaptation of the RPG set for launch at Gen Con in August and published by Catalyst. In it, players will form a team, improve their runners’ skills and gear, and then take on a variety of missions to earn cash.

Catalyst will also launch a new card game based on the Shadowrun universe. Titled Zero Day, the game is said to be a fast-paced head-to-head card-battler with resource management mechanics. Shadowrun: Zero Day is due to launch at the Origins fair in June.

King Upgrades to a Palace

palace of mad king ludwig cover

This sequel to The Castle of Mad King Ludwig sees players working to design a grand palace for the King. It shares many similarities with its predecessor such as tile laying and room rewards but with a different gameplay with no auction and a new graphical end game counter.

Two Player Caverna

A new two player version which has been streamlined down from the original down to a version that takes around 45 minutes to play. Caverna: Cave VS Cave vie against each other for actions and resources as you look to expand your home caves. Certainly one I am looking to add to my collection of two player games!

Real World Detective

Portal Games has also given some info of their next game which is called Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame. Players play as investigators for the ANTERES and the game has strong online elements with a website where players can find data about suspects, witnesses, and documentation from arrests and trials related to their case. Players are also free to use any online information to help them with solving of the cases. It will be interested to see how the online elements of this game add to it.

Roleplaying Games

The main news this week is that Wizard’s are working on a new digital platform to support Dungeons & Dragons. Called D&D Beyond, the toolset providing a rules compendium, character builder, digital character sheets, and more.

Other News

The other main news was a clarification of the availability of Star Wars Destiny going forwards. Fantasy Flight Games had announced that expansion sets were going to be a one and done printing with no further printing. This led to a lot of concerns from retailers and the community imagining that availability of products would price people out of the game. However they have now clarified that these are MASSIVE print runs so stock levels shouldn’t be an immediate issue.

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