New Releases 13th – 20th March

New Releases 13th – 20th March

Another week brings some more releases at the store! So let’s see what is new this week, be warned this could get very ‘meta’.

Table Top Games

Millennium Blades – £73.99

Okay, ready for one hell of a mind game here? Millennium Blades is a board game where you play a gamer who plays the CCG “Millennium Blades”…
Yeah, the game is one hell of a meta mind melt for you. However, it is a fun game which focuses on you building decks to compete in tournaments. This can be done by buying and selling cards, getting booster packs, and even competing in tournaments. That game can also be played as a campaign with multiple games representing the different levels of competition: Qualifiers to Regionals, Regionals to Nationals, and Nationals to Worlds.

Millennium Blades: Set Rotation Expansion (not pictured) – £39.99

As with most card games, it is inevitable that eventually, a set rotation will come around. This expansion for the base game provides a massive boost to the game with 12 new card sets, 6 new starter decks, 4 new playable characters, 9 new promo sets, and 4 co-op decks. That’s equivalent to half of the base games components, so this is quite the beefy expansion for those who love the base game.

Plague Inc The Board Game – £33.99

Based on the popular digital game of the same name, Plague Inc. has up to 5 players take on the role of a virus whose sole purpose is to take over the world infect and eventually kill off as many people as you can. Things will start small, a simple sneeze here and there, but players can make their virus even more effective by playing special cards that may add a way the virus can infect people or even a new symptom that is even more deadly than the last. Special events keep players on their toes and allow them to manipulate the game and establish themselves as the dominant virus in the world.


Roleplaying Games

My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria RPG – £24.99

Never did I think I would see an MLP RPG on the shelf, but I am glad. This franchise seems to just keep on evolving and it’s nice to see it getting support. In this RPG you create your very own pony hero who seeks adventure around the various lands of Equestria. Like the series, the theme is working together and using the ‘Magic of Friendship’ to overcome the obstacles in your path. A variety of skills and special abilities keeps the game fresh as you make your way through this charming world. Spoiler alert: I might actually get this myself.

Shadowrun Beginner Box – £18.99

Getting into roleplaying games can be a daunting experience, I know that myself. However, some games offer items to assist new game masters and players in getting into the game. The Shadowrun Beginner box is one such item. This box contains everything you need to get started immediately with very little prep work needed. It contains a book talking about the universe of Shadowrun, a quick-start rules guide, a pre-generated adventure with 4 pre-generated character sheets, and some dice to fun the game. I advise anyone who has ever wanted to give Shadowrun a try, pick up this box.


Collectable and Card Games

MtG: Modern Masters 2017 – £9.50 per pack.

Modern Masters 2017 is a collection of some of the most iconic and well known cards in recent history. This is ideal for any new player of Magic as all cards in the set are completely legal in the modern format. To celebreate the release of Modern Masters 2017 we ran sevearl events over the weekend and we are running one last hurrah this Wednesday in a Modern Masters Draft.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Raging Tempest Special Edition – £8.59 per pack

The last set to be released for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG was “Raging Tempest” back in early January. With a new set debuting at the end of April, it means we are due for a special edition release of Raging Tempest. This pack contains three booster packs of Raging Tempest, as well as two cards. One of the promotional cards is a 1 or 2 Super Rare’s from the Raging Tempest set. The other is even more precious, a Super Rare Preview card from the next booster set, Maximum Crisis.

Arkham Horror LCG: The Essex County Express Mythos Pack – £14.99

The Essex County Express introduces a whole new aspect to your adventure in Arkham. The legendary Essex County Express can deliver you to the location of your next clue, it can easily turn into it’s own misadventure that makes murder on the orient express look tame. The train is treated as its own mechanic within the game, with multiple different train cars that can have various effect within the game and on the investigators.


Miniature Wargaming

Mark III Space Marines – £30.00

The Mark III Space Marines are truly a sight to behold. Clad in their power armour these marines inspire fear from their enemies and sometimes even from their allies. Purchase this kit and you’ll be able to construct 10 of these well-trained marines and add them as part of your collection or even your army. Found inside the pack are a variety of weapons from chain swords, to plasma guns.

Tartaros Terminators – £35.00

Terminator armour is one of the most resistant pieces of armour around in the world of 40k. The Tartaros have taken this heavy piece of equipment and modified it for great mobility and speed than most other versions of the Terminator armour without compromising the protection the armour provides to the user. Using this kit, you can construct up to 5 Tartaros Terminators for your collection and there are 8 different weapons that can be found in this pack. Furthermore, you have unique items such as loin cloths and shoulder pads to personalise the Sergeant of this squad.

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