Board Game Blow Out – Thursday Night Gaming at Athena!

Here at Athena Games, we are always happy when we see customers cracking open board games and giving them a go in the store. We have a fairly hefty library of demo games from Dobble to Through the Ages. All of which can played in the store at any time and borrowed by anyone.

Gaming Night

Last Thursday saw Athena Games open their doors for the first of their new weekly board game night! Anytime from 5 pm until close you can play games from our library or your own collection. Meet with friends and other gamers to learn, teach and enjoy games of all types. Every Thursday afternoon we will bring our entire library out on display for our gaming night. A member of staff will be happy to give recommendations and help teach you games they know.

The room filling up as our first Thursday night begins!

To the stars

This week started with a pair playing the Sci-fi themed, one on one deck builder Star Realms. An always popular choice and for very good reason. Star Realms is a simple game which has players play ship cards from their own deck to buy other ships, attack their opponent or heal themselves. The ships come in four different factions and if you manage to play multiple ships of the same faction in one turn the ships power up. This means huge combos can occur and has you drawing more cards and dealing huge damage.

You aren’t the boss of me!

As more arrived, a group opened up Boss Monster. A game which replicates a side scrolling 8-bit video game. While they forced their way through the dungeon, Star Realms finished up. I grabbed a group of four to show them the pre-programmed action selection game Colt Express. In the 2015 Spiel des Jahres winner, 2-6 players take on the role of a bandit moving up and down a train stealing purses and gems. The aim of the game is to steal the most valuable loot with the opportunity of gaining a $1000 gunslinger bonus at the end of the game.

Over 5 rounds players choose a number of actions to play out. From moving around the train to stealing loot or forcing the Marshal into the next carriage. Once the actions for this round have all been selected they are played one at a time moving around the table. This leaves you punching thin air, shooting at no one and picking up dust off the floor.

Colt Express set up ready to be demoed!

The gaming night ended with a large group playing the story telling voting game Bucket of Doom while 3 players tried to bid their way to victory in the auction city building game Keyflower.

Richard Breese’s Keyflower!

Keyflower is played over four seasons in which players use different coloured meeples to activate or bid on tiles. The highest bidder receives the tile to add to their own ever growing home board. These tiles become action spaces available to all players throughout the game. Players build up resources, collect sets of meeples and upgrade tiles to score points. The majority of points will come from the tiles the players bid for in the final season. These tiles will give unique scoring objectives to the player who places them on their home board. At the end of the game, the player with the highest score is the winner.

Keyflower is a clever and tense eurogame. Furthermore, it is more interactive than most games of that ilk so if you like the sound of an interactive eurogame this could be for you. It also has a number of expansions that can be mixed in to give the game even more depth. Richard Breese has an interesting style of game design and you can really tell his games apart from others. 2017 sees the release of Keyper so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that one!

A tense round of bidding with Richard Breese's Keyflower

Bring on Next Thursday!

Other gamers were also playing Gloom, Kingdom Builder, Kittens in a Blender, Coup, Tsuro of the Seas, Colony, Smash Up and Bucket of Doom. A group downstairs was even playing the absolutely massive Kingdom Death Monster! How’s that for a title?

Over 25 people were playing board and card games in the store tonight. There were more playing wargames, running roleplaying game campaigns and even more playing collectable card games.  Athena continues to be an open environment where all can come and play. There is something for everyone. Hopefully, Thursday’s board gaming night will continue to grow and we will see you there soon.

Alfie Adams
Sales Assistant at Athena Games
Alfie is a board game player who finds his happiness in the medium heavy euro games. Uwe Rosenberg and Stefen Feld are two of his favourite modern board game designers

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